Shoulder length hair may have been washed up to a thousand times. Did you know that shampooing, despite nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, dries out your hair and causes split ends?


Wetsuit is a patented formula that encapsulates the length of your hair and protects it from the drying effects of shampooing. The low pH (value) closes the cuticles to a maximum, and protects it against the damaging surfactants, adding beautiful shine to the hair. Silk protein strengthens the hair and carefully selected oils prevent frizziness, letting your hair being the best it can be.

How to use

1. Wet your hair.

2. Apply Wetsuit to the lengths 10 cm from the scalp and all the way to the ends.

3. Shampoo the scalp.

4. Rinse shampoo and Wetsuit.


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For how long time the hair grows and how long it eventually becomes lays in our genes. However, styling with blow dryer, flattening iron or curler have a big impact, worsening the condition of your hair, and forcing you to cut the hair more often to make it look and feel soft and healthy. But what we often forget is that the daily use of shampoo, despite new formulas with moisturizing makes the hair dry, contributing to split ends. Moisturizing shampoos also creates heavier hair, giving less volume. As a result it is easy to pick an oily product to get that shiny and soft result. This is however only a cosmetic result and does nothing for the actual health of the hair.

Wetsuit protects the hair in the daily hair care routine, and during shampooing Wetsuit works as a protective shield applied on the lengths of the hair. It nourishes at the same time as it blocks the cleansing, harsh ingredients of the shampoo. With Wetsuit, you can wash the hair, and at the same time provide the hair with protein and shine, maximizing volume.   A normal hair opens up due to exposure of water and styling. The low pH value of Wetsuit seals the hair and stops the surfactants of the shampoo to get to the hair. Protein repair the damaged hair and Wetsuit formula ensures a high surface tension.

Wetsuit repairs damaged hair quickly, as well as prevent it from being overwashed. At the same time the hair closest to the scalp is cleansed to ensure wonderful volume.

Wetsuit is a completely new innovative hair care system for long hair. It has been carefully developed by the Swedish hair stylist Fredrik Olofsson who has more than 20 years of experience in the business. Fredrik has styled musical and pop artists, models, TV hosts and actors but above all it is the everyday woman that has nurtured his passion for hair. In meeting his clients, Fredrik has come to understand that they are never truly satisfied with the existing hair care regimes on the market. Where is that product that will make the hair growing long, keeping it naturally healthy and shiny?

The fundamental problem lies in the shampoo when we wash our hair. Shampoo with its cleansing ingredients dries out the hair. No matter how many nurturing and moisturizing ingredients you add, the cleansing properties will still have its negative effects. The hair caring and styling products to follow may make the hair look and feel better, but it is often just cosmetic results and does little to really restore the hair.

Fredrik’s patented solution is Wetsuit hair protecting. This is a product that protects the hair during cleansing. It encapsulates the hair while you shampoo, just enough to allow the mild, and gentle cleansing the long hair needs, but with a protecting surface strong enough to keep harsh cleansing ingredients to come in contact with your hair. The result is a much smoother and healthier hair, for real, in less need of cosmetic products to make it look better.

For Fredrik it has been important to find the balance of an effective product that not only takes care of unhealthy hair, but also is gentle for the user as well as the environment. Wetsuit meets all the requirements set by “Grön salong” (Green salon”). The certification looks to improve all aspects of the environment and is a guarantee that both user and the environment are not exposed to the most harmful substances. Wetsuit only contains scents free from allergens.

Wetsuit is produced locally and the packaging is recyclable and produced within the EU.gron-salong

Fredrik has also always been engaged in the rights of animals and has been a member of the Swedish organization “Djurens rätt” (Animals’ rights) for 25 years now.

Naturally Wetsuit products have not been tested on animals.